April Newsletter

Thank you to the Langman family for their generous addition of a sign in the entry way . 

The sign welcomes visitors to Garnethill Synagogue;  the home of Garnethill Hebrew Congregation , the Scottish Jewish Heritage Centre , Scottish Jewish Archive Centre and the Garnethill Synagogue Preservation Trust. – Martin & Mark Langman


On Friday 1st April we had Dinner in Garnethill. No, it was not an April Fool Joke. It really took place. It was the second since the Covid Lockdown and although small in number, it was cosy, friendly and full of fun. Unfortunately, my partner in “crime”, Elaine, was unwell, but Sarah very kindly stepped into the breach and helped me on the day. She not only bought what we needed, but also picked me up and later took me home. I am most indebted to her.

We did the Starter and the Dessert, but the Main Course came from L’Chaims. Everyone said how enjoyable it all was. Our thanks to Michael who made Kiddush and led us in the Grace after Meals. He makes everything fun. Thanks also to Josephine who helps in every way she can and always with a smile. Finally, thanks to those of you who attended. Without your support, these dinners could not take place. We are planning another one soon, so watch this space! – Roberta Wright


On Saturday 16th April, Shayna Conn and Jennifer Binnie held a Children’s Service to explore the holiday of Passover. Together with 9 children, they discussed the story of the Exodus, explored the workings of the seder, and of course delighted in some Passover treats. The service was supported by Garnethill Hebrew Congregation as well as the Queens Park Charitable Trust.


The Matana Club met on Sunday 10 April at the Botanic Gardens for a pre-Passover Matza Ramble. There, the children and families meandered through the Arboretum, stopping to learn about the story of Passover, create paper frogs, and sing songs. There were, of course, also delicious Passover snacks to eat as well.


Together, Matana and SCoJeC are holding a community picnic to celebrate Lag B’Omer, Yom Yerushalayim and Shavuot, at Beecraigs Counrty Park, Linlithgow. Details to follow, but put it in your diary and save the date! – Shayna Conn


Sue Siegel and Philip Mendelsohn spoke at the Iftar during Ramadan sponsored by the Muslim Council of Scotland and Interfaith Scotland. They highlighted the importance of sharing cultures and continuing Interfaith dialogue. –Sue Siegel


Plans are underway to develop the Garnet Street courtyard into a memorial courtyard .Sue Siegel and Kerry Patterson will be working with a Garnethill local community group including Karin Hecht and Shayna Conn to create flower boxes, plant seeds and identify the best placement for memorial plaques .

Calder’s Garden Centre will be holding sessions on seedlings and nurturing plants.

Watch this space for more details and please join us as events are publicised!–- Sue Siegel

DOORS OPEN DAY Kerry Patterson, manager of the Scottish Jewish Heritage Centre, is coordinating the activities for this year’s Doors Open Day scheduled for Sunday, 18th September 2022. Please let her or Sue know if you would like to volunteer for the activities planned. – -Kerry Patterson (info@sjhc.org.uk, 0141 332 4151)


It was fantastic to be together again in Shul for Pesach AND we had a minyan for all our services!!

We have now started counting the OMER. From the 2nd day of Pesach we count 49 days – exactly SEVEN weeks to Shavuos.

Rabbi Simon Jacobson wrote a spiritual guide to help develop positive emotional behaviour, using SEVEN interlinked qualities. This guide provides us with a powerful tool leading us towards higher standards in our lives, and we shall be following the system in Shul every Shabbat up to Shavuos.

Since Shabbat 30th April, we have started reading Pirkei Ovos (Ethics of the Fathers). Each Perek contains powerful messages which you will hear every Shabbat until Rosh Hashannah !!

Sounds like a lot to get working on – but DON’T PANIC – Pirkei Ovos reminds us:-“You are not required to complete the task, yet you are not free to withdraw from it”. Look forward to seeing you, and HEARING you on Shabbat.– Chazan Eddie

From The Treasurer – Please let me know if you have a new home address or new email address to ensure that we keep the Shul database accurate.

There are still a few outstanding fees. Payment is requested – let me know if you require a copy bill. Thank you.

From The Parnass – Hello there, I am happy to report that we managed to have a Minyan for all Pesach services.  We miss Morris and we wish him a continued good recovery and look forward to having him and Sandra back with us again. There is a small core of Maftir men who take Haphtorahs on a fairly regular basis. New recruits will be most welcome ! We have a most beautiful building for our services but it is only a building with four walls and a roof like any other building. It comes to life when people come to join in the services. So please try to come as often as you can. There’s enough room for everybody !
Stay safe , keep well and see you in shul.
Best wishes

Finally, Mazeltov to Shul member Deborah Creedy who writes– Maria Sledmere, my daughter passed her PhD on Monday 25th April with no corrections – Doctorate in Fine Art DFA in creative writing and successful in obtaining Lecturer position at Strathclyde University – (Poetry). Congratulations Dr Maria!