February Newsletter

Chairmans Letter

We look forward to re-opening our beautiful shul so that we can once again enjoy our spiritual home. Of course, safety is priority.

Once the Scottish Government allows us to re-open our space, we will let everyone know. You will be delighted to see the new kitchen and function room, our beautiful succah and know that there have been many internal structural repairs to ensure proper maintenance of the building.

Thank you to everyone who worked behind the scenes during the pandemic to supervise the work that needed to be done, especially Josephine Martin, Tony Silverdale, Len Levin, Bernard Goodman and Richard Lennard.

We are redesigning our Website to focus on upcoming activities, including the opening of the Scottish Jewish Heritage Centre and members will be able to keep up-to-date on what’s happening.

Thank you to everyone who continues to stay in touch , keeps in contact with those who are isolated and work together to ensure the Synagogue is secure.

Eddie, Esmee, Errol, Jessie, Joel and Stanley continue to provide our weekly update …Thank you !!

Kind regards,
Sue (Chairman)

Life Still Goes On..

As some of you may know, my passion is cross stitch. I   absolutely love making them. The picture you see here appeared  in one of the newsletters that Jessie sent me recently. I thought it would make a good cross stitch picture, so Gary went online and found a company in London who made the pattern for me and hey presto, after a couple of weeks, mission accomplished.  

Elaine Marks.

A Synagogue in Paris…

At present France is not in lockdown but this is to be reviewed in the next 2 days and a further lockdown looks likely. Schools remain open as do places of worship so synagogue services can take place on a daily basis with a restriction on the number of participants at 50. There is a 6pm curfew at the moment unless it is work related. Their vaccination programme  is a little behind the United Kingdom as of now but they expect to increase capacity in the  coming weeks. They appear to be testing more of the elderly age group and care home residents  more frequently. Their self-isolation protocols are different. If anyone has symptoms they can  have a test. If they are positive they remain at home for 10 days. Anybody in the same household  has to self-isolate for 5 days , they can then have a test and if they are negative and have no  symptoms they can resume work for example. 

As a country they have made the requirements of any lockdown mandatory. During their first  lockdown you were only allowed outdoors for exercise, essential shopping at the nearest  supermarket or going to a pharmacy. You had to carry a paper indicating the purpose of being  outdoors. If you were stopped by the police and did not have that document you were fined 135  euros. The wearing of masks has also been mandatory outdoors as well as shops with the risk of  the same fine for non-compliance. 

All best wishes, 

Errol ( Parnas )

Happy Baby News from Israel

  • On January 22nd – in Israel – a son to Laura and Gabi Vatmakhter. A brother for Eliav, Grandson for Jacqui Speculand and Great-grand son for Jennifer and Walter Speculand.
  • My grandson Jacques recieved an unconditional offer from Strathclyde for one of two courses he applied for. He has applied to 3 other universities, but because he hasn’t heard from them yet, he hasn’t made up his mind. His subjects and French, Spanish and Business Studies. Roberta Wright.

Holocaust Memorial Day 2021

The attached link is to the website for Gathering the Voices. Howard and Claire Singerman are members of Garnethill Shul. Claire Singerman is on GarnetHill Synagogue preservation trust board and are founding members of Gathering the Voices.  https://gatheringthevoices.com/ Claire’s email is clairesingerman@gmail.com

Cosgrove Care

Cosgrove Care is able to support and help anybody in our Community

Phone: 0141620250 
E-mail address: care@cosgrovecare.org.uk

Chazan’s Report

Talking about P L A G U E S !!!…………………….. 

It’s reassuring to know that Vaccines are now being administered and this should give us more  confidence to return to Shul as soon as we are advised by the Scottish Government. Purim this  year falls on Friday 26th February, and while February may be a bit ambitious for a return, there is  a realistic possibility that we can make it back before Pesach, which is early this year – 1st Seder  Night is Saturday 27th March. 

Meanwhile, I would like to thank again all the ‘Team’ who have been working so enthusiastically,  compiling the Weekly Shabbat ‘Snapshots’. Hopefully we will be back together again soon,  Singing in Shul, hearing Stanley’s Leyning, enjoying a Kiddush downstairs and participating in our  D’var Torah Class led by Robin.  

Keep Well and Stay Safe, 


Shul Information

Month of February/Shevat/Adar 5781 Shabbat and Festival

February Shevat Start End 
6 Shabbat 24 P.Yitro, mevorchim 4.45 Fri 5.58
12 Fri 30 Rosh Chodesh Adar, first day
13 Shabbat1 P. Mishpatim, Shekalim;  Rosh Chodesh 5.00 Fri 6.12
20 Shabbat8 P. Terumah, P.Zachor 5.15 Fri 6.26
25 Thurs 13 Fast of Esther 6.40 am   6.29
26 Fri 14 Purim
27 Shabbat 15 P. Tetzaveh, Shushan  Purim5.30 Fri 6.40
Month of February/Shevat/Adar 5781 Shabbat and Festival
6 February Mr. Leslie Rosin
13 February Mr.Morris Shapiro
20 February Mr.Charles Levine
27 February Mr.Errol Hornstein
Saturday 6 February   Mrs. Louise Lyons; Mr. Aharon Soudry; Mrs. Marilyn Silverdale; Mrs. Marion Camrass. Shloshim for the late Judith Rosenberg; Yehudit Bat Zigmund Shloshim for the late Bernice Polli; [ ] Bat Yakov
Saturday 13 February Mrs. Barbara Woolfson; Mr. Philip Raskin; Mrs. Linda Abrahams; Mrs. Jennifer  Speculand; Mrs. Sarah Freeman; Congregation Mr. Sam Morris; Mrs. Roberta  Wright; Mrs. Patricia Clapham; Mr. David Kaye; Mrs. Rosalind Kaye; Mr.  Harold Fox. Shloshim for the late Judith Rosenberg; Yehudit Bat Zigmund Shloshim for the late Bernice Polli; [ ] Bat Yakov
Saturday 20 February Mr. Bernard Harland Shloshim for the late Judith Rosenberg; Yehudit Bat Zigmund Shloshim for the late Bernice Polli; [ ] Bat Yakov
Saturday 27 February Mr. Anthony Silverdale; Dr. Philip Spain; Mr. Bernard Harland; Mrs. Pearl Levy;  Mrs. Linda Hornstein; Mrs. Louise Lyons; Mrs. Dany Metzstein; Mrs. Avril Levy; Mrs. Renate Mackay; Dr. Lawrence Schmulian Shloshim for the late Bernice Polli [ ] Bat Yakov

Baal Korei’s Report

Firstly, I enjoy the questions sent in by our members of the Shul,  they all have various degrees of challenge, and I welcome them. 

The questions require research and the resources I use include my 10 volumes of the Talmud, which is an English / Hebrew edition and a few volumes of other tractates of the Talmud e.g. Baba Metzia, and also The Talmud Babli. 

Incidentaly, I have used the same Talmud Books for the last 35 years when I was living in Israel,  studying at the Aish HaToraha Yishiva, and are always by my side for reference and research. 

Keep well and stay safe 


Judith Rosenberg

Judith Rosenberg, one of the last Holocaust survivors, passed away on Friday 22nd January at the  age of 99 years. She was born and grew up in Hungary where her family were sent to  concentration camps. Judith, her mother and sister survived but her father, taken to a different  camp, sadly did not.  

After the liberation of the camps Judith met her husband Harold Rosenberg. They married in  Germany and Harold brought her home to Glasgow. They settled here and made many friends. 

Esmee Shapiro

Many thanks for all your articles and contributions. They are much appreciated. Please keep sending them in. Keep well and stay safe, Jessie.