March Newsletter

New Website!

Welcome to Garnethill Synagogue’s new website – It is now live and launched! There will be regular services advertised, news and events will be updated, functions and hire can be booked, visiting opportunities can be arranged and there are guide notes about the synagogue both in English and Scottish Gaelic.

Many thanks to Sue, Gary, Jessie and Tony for all their efforts and getting it live. Please let us know if you would like any changes or amendments to the site.


As we approach our second Pesach under Covid19 lockdown we cautiously look  forward to a future of more “normal” conditions with the successful roll out of the  vaccination programme. 

Despite the lockdown restricting or preventing shul services our community organisations  have been able to provide and adapt their services to assist all in our community and deal with  the pandemic restrictions. The Rep. Councils Covid-19 Steering Group has been an important  part of this. 

Following our event with Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown in December the Rep. Council  has been engaged in our routine work of political and community engagement. With Cop26  coming in November we will be involved in coordinating Jewish community events for that. Also  on the horizon will be a major interfaith initiative, because optimising our relationships with  other faith groups and local communities is essential. We work collaboratively with the CST and  SCOJEC in dealing with antisemitism and Boycott Dissemination and Sanctions against Israel. In the future we plan to hold a community and delegate meeting after Pesach and major events  later in the year at the time of Cop26 with Garnethill as a possible venue. We will also hold our  Yom Hashoa commemoration in April and a hustings meeting at the time of the Scottish  General Election. 

We are here for you and you can call us at any time on 0141 577 8200. 

Paul Edlin, President, February 2021.

We are looking forward to the festival of Pesach which reminds us of our delivery from Egypt.
“Let My people go that they may worship Me…” Shmot Chapter 7:16

Schul Information

March Adar Start End 
6 Shabbat 22 P. Ki Tisa, P. Parah 5.45 Fri 6.54
13 Shabbat 29 P. VaYakhel-Pekudei,  Ha-Chodesh, mevorchim5.59 Fri 7.09
14 Sun1 Rosh Chodesh Nisan 
20 Shabbat7 P. VaVaYikra 6.14 Fri 7.23
25 Thurs 12 Fast of First Born  (mukdam) 
25 Thurs night 13 Search for chametz  after 7.34pm
26 Fri 13 Burn chametz by  11.20am
27 Shabbat 14 P.Tzav; Shabbat  HaGadol; Erev Pesach 6.28 Fri 7.38
27 Shabbat 14 Stop eating chametz  10.15am; dispose of  chametz by 11.19am 
27 Sat night 15 First seder; kiddush  after 7.38pm; eat  Afikoman by 12.22am Summer Time  begins 
28 Sun 15 Pesach, First day 8.40
28 Sun night 16 Second night; kiddush  after 8.40pm; eat  Afikoman by 1.21am 
29 Mon 16 Pesach, 2nd day omer 8.42
Month of March/Adar/Nissan 5781 Shabbat and Festival 
6 March Mr. Len Dorfman
13 March Mr. Michael Barnet
20 March Mr.Morris Shapiro
27 March Mr.Tony Silverdale
28 March Pesach 1 Mr. Errol Hornstein
29 March Pesach 2 Mr. Morris Shapiro
3 April Pesach 7 Mr. Len Dorfman
4 April Pesach 8 Mr. Richard Levin
Saturday 6 March   Mrs. Elaine Marks; Mr Harold Fox; Mrs. Sarah Freeman; Sheriff Derek  Livingston.
Shloshim for the late John Friend; for the late Paul Tolley
Saturday 13 March Mrs. Roberta Wright; Mrs. Beatrice Dorfman; Mr. Stanley Kaye Shloshim for the late John Friend; for the late Paul Tolley
Saturday 20 March   Rev. I Hirshow Shloshim for the late John Friend; for the late Paul Tolley
Saturday 27 March Mrs. Gail Greenhill; Mrs. Joyce Livingston; Mr. Colin Black; Congregation for  Sylvia Fisher Shloshin for the late Paul Tolley

Note from Chairman

We are waiting to hear from the Scottish government when it’s okay to  go back to shul. From what we read it may not be until April. We will  let you know as soon as possible if there are any changes. Meantime,  stay safe and well. Check the revamped Garnethill website. It’s worth a look!

Get Involved

COP 26 (Conference of the Parties) are having their United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow from 1-12 November.  Garnethill may be hosting some events to welcome visiting scientists from many countries.  

There is more to come about our activities. If you wish to know  more and get involved, let Sue know!

Creating a Scottish Jewish Heritage Centre incorporating a Scottish Holocaust-era  Study Centre within Garnethill Synagogue 

Make sure you’re following the latest updates on the ongoing work. You can see all updates and timeline of progress here