May Newsletter

Reminders of past occasions – after Selichot prayers on 22 September 2019 ( top photo) and on 5 February 2020 just before lockdown (bottom photo). How time flies!

Garnethill enjoyed their first Kiddush this last Shabbat after many months. This was a milestone as we have missed our dinners and various occasions in the last year when our ladies provided a resplendent display of food and drinks. It was certainly a Kiddush with a difference! Covid regulations were in full operation and Josephine our wonderful Caretaker co-ordinated the Kiddush. Everyone received their individual food bags which included a delightful cupcake. It was very warmly welcomed and gave everyone a renewed sense of increasing ‘normality’. Approximately fifteen or sixteen enjoyed the kiddush. We look forward with confidence to the eventual return of others as more and more Covid restrictions are lifted.

Services resumed!   Well … we’re back !

Please join us for our socially distanced Shabbat service.

We are happy to be back in our beautiful shul and thank our Bimah boys for leading us through our services and ensuring a minyan.

In the coming months, we hope to reinstate dinners and festive celebrations and lively Kiddushim.  Watch this space for further updates once we see what Scottish Government permits.

Till then … stay well and keep in touch.

Kind regards, and good ZOOM to all Sue (Chairman)

  1 Shabbat  19  P. Emor, Perek 4 34        8.39 Fri10.00
  8  Shabbat  26  P. Bahar-Bechukotai, mevorchim, Per.5 41        8.52 Fri10.18
10  Mon28  Yom Yerushalayim 43 
12  Wed  1 Sivan Rosh Chodesh Sivan         
15  Shabbat  4  P. Bemidbar, Perek 648         9.06 Fri10.36
17  Mon6  Shavuot, first day             9.09 Sun  10.41
18  Tue7  Shavuot, second day-Yizkor 10.43
22  Shabbat  11  P. Naso, Perek 1             9.18 Fri10.53
29  Shabbat18  P. BeHaalotecha, Perek 2             9.29 Fri11.10


Shabbat 1 MayMr. Richard Levin
Shabbat 8 MayMr. Michael Barnet
Shabbat 15 MayMr. Morris Shapiro
Monday 17  May ShavuotMr. Charles Levine (1)
Tuesday 18 May ShavuotMr. Paul Edlin        (2)
Shabbat 22 MayMr. Errol Hornstein
Shabbat 29 MayMr. Morris Shapiro


Shabbat 1 MayLady. Clarice Goldberg; Mr. Richard Samuel, Mr. Stanley Kaye
Shabbat 8 MayMrs. Karen Kaye; Mr. Leslie Rosin; Mr. Martin Langman; Mr. Trevor Schuster-Davis; Dr. Barry Adams-Strump; Mrs. Sandra Silverdale; Dr. Michael Greenhill; Mr. Kenneth Greenhill; Mr. Paul Abrahams
Shabbat 15 May  Mr. Charles Trager; Mrs. Carol Bishop; Mr. Michael Bishop; Mrs. Rosalie Soudry; Mrs. Adele Conn;  
Shabbat 22 MayMrs. Joyce Livingston; Mr. Elie Chilton
Shabbat 29 MayMrs. Pamela Levin; Congregation for Amy Esterson;  Mrs. Marion Camrass

This year is Interfaith Scotland’s Year of Climate Action.  A document has been created about ways that you can be involved with COP26 (the United Nations Climate Change Conference 2021) including resources, activities and campaign actions.. There  also is a comprehensive list of resources and videos on the Interfaith Scotland website at the link below: 

There is great  news about Scottish Interfaith Week 2021. Scottish Interfaith Week will coincide with COP26 this year, launching on Sunday 31 October and running until Sunday 7 November. The theme for 2021 is Together for Our Planet, and individuals, faith communities and organisations across Scotland will be encouraged to host climate-related events for the week. We will continue to keep you aware of activities and opportunities to work on events as we determine how we will host individuals. We are hoping to have a Friday night dinner and special Shabbat service for visitors. Please let Sue know if you would like to be involved in planning the events.  Sue Siegel

As you know, our new website is now up and running at . We would like to add photos, updates, news, interesting stories on an ongoing basis. Please send all photos, stories etc. to and we will endeavour to add to the website. Do not send anything that you do not want to be published and viewed by the general public. …   We are close to the financial year end yet we are still chasing outstanding fees. Would members who have not yet paid, please settle their accounts.  Thanks Gary (Treasurer)

How quickly the year is flying! It seems no time at all since we resumed our Shul Services just before Pesach and have continued throughout April with our Shabbat Services.

GREAT NEWS!!! Kiddushim will re-commence this Shabbat-Ist May- with hygiene safeguards in place. Hopefully it won’t be too long before our wee choir can resume. May is a ‘busy’ month-we continue counting the OMER up to Day 49 (Sunday 16th), and then, on Monday 17th, and Tuesday 18th, it is Shavuos, when we officially receive the Asseres Hadibros – the 10 Commandments. I would like to thank Errol for continuing to contact members regarding attendance at services. Please do reply to him to advise whether you can, or cannot attend, so that we can ensure that we have a MINYAN for every service during these uncertain times. Looking forward to seeing you all again soon. Chazan Eddie Binnie