June Newsletter

Matana Club – the gift that keeps on giving

It’s been one year since the Scotland Virtual Committee was established, sending 70 children in East Renfrewshire and Glasgow cream cheese, biscuits and an activity pack to celebrate Shavuot. Growing from strength to strength, hosting a two-week summer camp, Glasgow Kayitz, and now the Matana Club, which started in September 2020, almost 170 children from across Scotland receive monthly packs with games, food, activities and craft supplies, helping them to celebrate upcoming chaggim. Garnethill Hebrew Congregation has been, and continues to be, an important member of the Scotland Virtual Committee, helping to create a Scotland-wide Jewish Community. Shayna Conn

We are finding that some emails are being rejected and undelivered, especially yahoo and NTLworld.com accounts. Would everyone please add treasurer@garnethill.org.uk, secretary@garnethill.org.uk and chairman@garnethill.org.uk to their safe sender lists. Thank you. Gary (Treasurer)

The Scottish Jewish Archives Centre presents, by Zoom, on

Sunday 13th June at 8pm BST Mark Gardner

            “The Swings and Roundabouts

                 of Modern Antisemitism”

Originally from Glasgow, Mark Gardner is Chief Executive of the Community Security Trust (CST), which he joined in 1989, and he is a leading commentator and writer on contemporary antisemitism. Mark was awarded a Police Commendation for his role in helping lead Scotland Yard’s cross-London response to the 1999 neo-Nazi nail bomb campaign and had a prominent role in the April 2018 ill-fated Jewish community leadership meeting with the (then) Leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn MP

Please note, all bookings are online at: https://www.trybooking.co.uk/BAUI

You will receive the Zoom joining instructions with your booking receipt.

You may also purchase Friends’ membership at the booking site.

Any concerns, please contact info@sjac.org.uk, vymann@gmail.com or jane@janetobias.com

Tickets include one raffle entry: Friend of SJAC £13; Other £15.

All proceeds will help fund the work of the SJAC

 in caring for its collections and making them accessible.

The Raffle Prize will be announced on the night.

Thanks to the Scottish Council of Jewish Communities (SCoJeC) for their support and assistance.

Message from the Chairman …

With the continued changes in the virus situation, we have all been flexible and adhered to various travel and entertainment restrictions.  We hope now that more people are vaccinated, it will be easier to see friends and family. Thank you for your patience as we identify what dates we will be able to open again for worship. We look forward to seeing you all again. 

We can only hope to begin celebrating events and having Friday night dinners! 

Plans continue for the launch of the Scottish Jewish Heritage Centre, albeit mostly virtual. The new Manager, Kerry Patterson, has started. She has an impressive background in art history, archiving and museum management. She is looking forward to learning about Garnethill’s history and meeting members of the congregation. 

Save the date : Sunday, September 19th. Once again this year, we are participating in Doors Open Day. It will be slightly different because we will need to pre-book tours. We will be looking for volunteers to help, so please let us know if you’re interested in supporting this event.
COP26 – 1-12 November will be an exciting time for all of Glasgow. We hope to have some Interfaith events and also welcome worldwide visitors to share Shabbat activities with us. Information will continue to be provided. 

We continue to hope for peace in Israel … and think of our family and friends whose lives have been so severely affected. We should only know joy and peace. Kind regards 

Sue, Chairman

Shimon the Tzaddick (righteous one) was from the last of the Men of the Great Assembly and served as High Priest for forty years at the time of Alexander the Great.  He would say: The world stands on three things: Torah, worship, and deeds of kindness (Avot 1:2) Pirkei Avot

Month of June Sivan/Tammuz 5781 Shabbat and Festival

JuneSivan End
  5  Shabbat  25  P. Shelach, mevorchim, Perek 3        9.39 Fri11.24
10  Thurs  30  Rosh Chodesh Tammuz, first day        
11  Fri 1   Rosh Chodesh Tammuz, second day  
12  Shabbat   2  P. Korach, Perek 4        9.46 Fri       11.34
19  Shabbat   9  P. Chukat, Perek 5        9.50 Fri11.40
26  Shabbat16  P. Balak, Perek 6        9.51 Fri  11.39
27  Sun17  Fast of Tammuz        1.20am11.24

As you know, our new website is now up and running at www.garnethill.org.uk . We would like to add photos, updates, news, interesting stories on an ongoing basis. Please send all photos, stories etc. to info@garnethill.org.uk and we will endeavour to add to the website. Do not send anything that you do not want to be published and viewed by the general public. Thanks. Gary (Treasurer)