July Newsletter

Summer is here …..

Hope everyone is safe and well. Despite lockdowns and changes the months have flown regardless. The seasons march on and the flowers are now blooming after a delayed start. We had our recent Executive meeting and once again we have to plan ahead for the incoming months. I can’t quite believe that we are having to plan for the Autumn News Review which as you know comes out in September before the High Holy Days. This year the High Holy Days are in earlier and that’s why we are starting the process of collecting material for it now.

A Committee is being formed to oversee this process. We would love to know if anybody has had a Birth, Marriage, Engagement, Anniversary, Social Birthday or any Achievements in your family from last September to this coming August. Achievements don’t always have to be academic, it can be new lifeskills or simply something you did for the first time ever. We would then add it to the Mazeltov & Good Wishes page in the Review. We would also love to hear from those of our congregation who live in England and abroad in distant places. Please send me an email with your information. We’ll keep you posted as we proceed with this. Best wishes and many thanks.  Jessie, Secretary

  • As you know, our new website is now up and running at www.garnethill.org.uk . We would like to add photos, updates, news, interesting stories on an ongoing basis.
  • Please send all photos, stories etc. to info@garnethill.org.uk and we will endeavour to add to the website. Do not send anything that you do not want to be published and viewed by the general public. We are also finding that some emails are being rejected and undelivered, especially yahoo and NTLworld.com accounts. Would everyone please add treasurer@garnethill.org.uk, secretary@garnethill.org.uk and chairman@garnethill.org.uk to their safe sender lists. Thanks. Gary, Treasurer

1.       What is the significance of dairy in the Shavuot festival?

2.       What happens to Jewish synagogues once they close permanently?

3.       Why is the commentator Rashi considered to be so important in Jewish thought?

4.       What are the Thirteen Articles of Faith or Principles of Belief in Judaism and why are they important?

1. There are a number of reasons cited for why we eat dairy products on this holiday.

Some find the origin in the Biblical verses that refer to the Land of Israel as a land flowing with “ Milk and Honey”. Also, a verse from Shir Hashirim ,Song of Songs, chapter 4, verse 11 compares the Torah to “Milk and Honey”,the Torah provides our spiritual nourishment.

2. Chas v’ Challila, G-D Forbid a Shul has to close, this could be due to a lack of members, finance, or the building is in a bad state of disrepair.

While it is essential to remove all the Holy prayer books and Sefrei Torahs as well as other holy parts of the Shul e.g. the Bimah.The Building itself is usually sold off to a building company, who will probably make houses out of the building and the land itself, therefore it is for monetary gain.

3. In general, RASHI (Shlomo Yitzchaki) or better known by the acronym RASHI, was a medieval French Rabbi and comprehensive commentary on the Talmud and commentary on the Hebrew Bible. His Jewish texts, while his desciples known them as the Tosafot (additions) gave more interpretative descriptions of the texts.These additions can be found in the Talmud opposite Rashi’s commentaries.

4. The Thirteen Articles of Faith, also called Thirteen Principles, a summary of basic tenets of Judaism as perceived by the 12th-centuary Jewish philosopher Moses Miamonides.They first appeared in his commentary on the Sanhedrin which sets forth the reasons why a Jew would be denied resurrection. Maimonide’s formulation was an attempt to put forth TRUE concepts of G-D and Faith as a tool in avoiding error. Best wishes Stanley Kaye, Baal Korei

Subject: Fw: Western Necropolis – Dog Fouling news update

We are aware and concerned about the dog fouling at the cemetery. This contributes to the unsightly nature of the grounds and the inability of the gardeners to perform proper maintenance. We have contacted Glasgow City Council and they assure us they will take proper steps to assist in providing appropriate review of the grounds.

  1. We have purchased and mounted “No Dog Fouling ” signs.
  2. ​​​​The City Council Cleansing team will perform a review of the cemetery and see whether they can get some of the cleaning done.
  3. Environmental task force will visit the cemetery for a few days and see if they can catch the person who is walking the dogs and warn them it is unlawful. We remain vigilant and invite your comments and updates if you are at the cemetery and feel it is not being properly maintained. Sue, Chairman

Hello everyone Minyan Man here. Since lockdown has eased I have been sending out weekly gentle hints to most of the men encouraging, cajoling, press ganging them into attending our Shabbos services. I can now make them an offer they cannot refuse…… a great socially distanced Kiddush after the two hour service downstairs in our beautifully refurbished and furnished suite which is also available for Barmitzvahs Bat Chayils, Weddings and Functions! You might think why send out this weekly message ? After all when it’s Shabbos you should go to shul. Well I find it doesn’t always work that way and sometimes a little gentle persuasion is needed. I would like to see us have 20 men each Shabbos. |We have come close a couple of times but have not quite made it so far, maybe this Shabbos hopefully.

Last week we had Barry reciting his Barmitzvah Haphtorah for the 58th time. That’s more repeats than Columbo. Our resident music critic Tony remarked that Barry did not quite make the difficult “Pozer” note in the 32nd verse. Don’t worry Barry you will nail it next year!

We have, without doubt, one of the most beautiful shuls in existence today. When you step into Garnethill you know you are in something very special. Our shul deserves a good Minyan for every service so let’s keep striving to have as many people as possible. Let’s have at least 20 men and 10 women every week. I think our shul deserves this at the very least. I wish you all the very best of health in these strange times, especially to many of our regulars who have not been able to attend for one reason or another. To Renata, Marion ,Lana, Jessie, Robin, Martin and Mark stay safe we all look forward to seeing you soon. Shabbat Shalom and see you soon. Errol Hornstein

Monthly Review – 22/6/21 Chazan Eddie Binnie

We have been in Shul for the FULL month of June!!! – hopefully, we are now heading back to ‘normal Services’. Although certain constraints are still in force, it’s great to hear responses from our animated and enthusiastic congregation of “Kein Y’hi Rotzon” and “OMEIN”. Hopefully, by Rosh Hashanah, at the beginning of September, we will have our ‘Bimah Boys’ choir back in action in front of the Bimah !?!? Just a wee reminder that, although the Shabbos Service led from the Bimah now commences with ‘Shochein Ad’ at 10.00am, the doors do open at 9.30 am, so we can all still say the prayers individually from the beginning of Shacharis, and, of course, if there is a minyan at 9.30, Rabannan Kaddish can be said after “Rabbi Yishmael Omeir”, earlier rather than later. Many thanks to Errol for his weekly communications – it is so essential that we respond to ensure that we continue to have a healthy minyan and enable the service to continue as before  AND to sing ‘Adon Olam’ at 12.00pm. Looking forward to seeing you back in shul on Shabbos, when we can all enjoy a tasty-and friendly-Kiddush after the service in our revitalised function room.

Please note that there will be no Monthly Newsletter for August because we are preparing for the Review.